• Bviz

    Web Series fantasy Animation
    ladybird ins

  • Bigi & Friends

    Bigi is a lovely animal who lives in a beautiful island with his friends, and in each episode, they have adventures
    3D Animation

  • Irancell

    Advertising MTN irancell

  • Mihan

    Ads Mihan Dairy
    Genre 2D

  • Honey City

    Collection series with social issues and personal
    Genre Fantasy

  • Children of sun

    The fate of a few friends in the years before the revolution, which from childhood to youth to live in a neighborhood
    3D Animation


Hi... Welcome to my portfolio site I am Amir Safaeian was born in 1982 Tehran. I'm working in the profession of Auditor and Visual of Animation especially the fantasy genre since 2006 .

Skills and Expertise

I am Generalist. Also Model creator , Animator , Rendering , Composite , Unwrapping , Editor , Code scripting , VFX , Cloth simulation , Particle simulation , chrumakey .

Records and Experience

I have about 1000 minutes of animation work resume : Head of the modeling & rigging series Kiss of sky , Production supervisor honey city fictional collection , Head render for children of sun series , Technical director for bigi fictional collection .

Awards and Honors

Nominated for best short animation Film 100 festival in 2007 , Appreciation of the third television network to do Chrumakey Setayesh series in 2011 .